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Cake for Father’s Day

It’s father’s day on 21st June and I am sure you are thinking about how to make it special for your real life hero. Here are few cake ideas I am sharing to add more sweetness to this special day you have to shower gratitude for the priceless special moments he has given you.

You know him the best and so celebrate with a cake that is him. Here are a few cakes we have designed for super loving dads. You can add some imagination to customize them specially for your dad!

The first two cake designs are to celebrate a chilled and relaxed day. The Islay Malt Scotch Whisky bottle cake and the Beer can whimsical cake can be customised to replicate his favorite drink.

Here are perfect designs for the adventurous or sport enthusiast dads!

For the gentlemen! The mustache cake needs no explanation, I am sure! :) Black suit cakes are very popular to celebrate the birthdays or achievements of managers, entrepreneurs or a role model. So this can be your cake choice for the entrepreneur dad!

Here are few other designs you could try:

Gift a Cake on Father's Day!

We are taking orders for Father's Day cakes. Simply fill our order form and we will get in touch with you or call us on 9920863063. Please do so latest by 15th June. Our customised cakes will surely make your super dads day!

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  1. Love your cakes! Love the detailing of every element on the cake. While I like all of them, the suit cake would be perfect for my dad! Please let me know how I can place the order… Thanks!

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