About Rinku

Hi, I’m a Cake Designer!

My journey started with my son, when I baked fresh cakes for his classmates in his school, I realised I had the penchant for baking and after seeing the little angels enjoying the bakes I decided to venture into the baking industry and have never looked back since then.

My first cake was in 2009 which was done for a friend who believed in my baking and urged me to take my passion seriously. It took me 2 years to completely master commercial baking & after learning the fine arts of baking, cake decorations. I stepped into a world I loved and thrived on every lesson learnt to sharpen my finnesse in the filed of baking.

Today after 10 years I stand strong and give you the confirmation that whatever your cake dreams are, I will make it a reality. I seriously believe in edible art and sincerely promise to deliver the vision of your dreams on your special occasions.
These creations will make you drool and once bitten into will take you on a journey of dessert dreams forever, asking for more.

Designer Cakes

We are a premium cake boutique offering customised cake services under the name D Cake Creations. No matter if you order a tiered cake or theme cake, we bake it fresh and ensure that it tastes as good as its looks!

 D Cake Creations offer designer cakes for every celebration in life – Engagement, Wedding, Anniversary, kid’s birthdays, milestone birthdays, baby shower or even corporate parties – all personalized to suit your requirements or theme.

We are passionate about the creative aspects wherein we can take our clients’ dreams and ideas and turn them into a beautiful customised cake. We even appreciate the scientific aspects with the precise measurements, temperature and timing to create the perfect chemistry that results in a tender moist cake, but the part we love the most is creating a delicious, unique “too pretty to cut” followed by “the best cake I ever tasted” creation.

We ensure that each cake is made to the highest of standards, with exceptional attention to detail and design. Rinku, the founder of D Cake Creations, especially loves the challenge of recreating real life objects in cake and icing. All cakes are baked from scratch in small batches, so each cake has that fresh home-made taste! We use quality ingredients and colours while presenting our creations and have registered with Food Safety & Standards Authority of India (FSSAI).