Rinku is an awesome artist and she will make any of your occasion a special one with her specially crated cakes. I have no words for her creativity, just toooooo goood.

Prasad Barve, Actor
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Thanks Rinku you made My Celebration really special… keep up the great artistic work going on!!!

Sai Suman, Fashion Designer

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Amazing cakes… If u want cake that receives compliments from each and every guest at the party then you better call “D cake Creations”. The cake looks amazing and it tastes even better… If i want to order a cake i won’t even think twice before calling Rinku.. Thank you!!

Siddharth Shah

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Everyone really loved the cake, it was a highlight of the occasion!

Mirik Gogri, Humming Whale Product Innovations

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How can one order a wedding cake without tasting a sample? The answer is by blindly trusting Rinku! She is immensely talented. You can save all the hassle & just leave it up to her. She will take care of each & every detail & give you only the best. She is a thorough professional & will go out of her way just to ensure everything is in place for your special occasion. I booked a cake for my engagement ceremony & received compliments for the pleasant look & taste from all my friends & relatives. I must say, Rinku took care of the complete experience right from the delivery, storage, presentation, colour combination, etc. Everything was perfectly timed. D Cake Creations-HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Neha Jeswani

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Thanks a lot rinku…….The cake was a piece of art cute and you had mastered it to every point we had mentioned.We actually were in two minds to cut the cake…….Zoya loved the cake!

Sunil Khubchandani

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Thank you so much for making my husband’s birthday special. The cake was the highlight of the party. You made my imagination come true by your cake. Everyone was in awe! Not one person was there who didn’t appreciate it… Thank you for all your effort!

Riddhi Sheth

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Thanks Rinku Amit Gokarn for the fantastic mouth watering cake.. Its amazing taste and fabulous designed as per my requirement… We and the entire crowd enjoyed the cake.. Thanks once again. Looking forward for ordering more cakes from you.

Pooja Kaushal

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The only way to have a cake which is ” you” . its not just the process of ordering a cake..but having a lot of introspection on what should it look like to reflect you and believe me its fun.

Archana Navle

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Truly outstanding work… It was a chandelier cake for my brothers reception…. Beautiful creation.. Never seen before at least by us… Thank u rinks madam for actually making it very special…..

Madhav Valia